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Do you know the top "5.1" features for Admins on Salesforce Summer ’22 Release?


It's time for Salesforce's Summer '22 update release!. After watch this amazing preview for this edition Summer '22 Admin Preview Live – Release Readiness LIVE, Summer '22. I am delighful to show my choice of the top 5 features for Admin.

Top 5 features for Admin

  • Dynamic related lists

    Starting in the Summer ’22 release, admins can use the new component, Dynamic Related List – Single, in Record Home in Lightning App Builder. This component has full customization capability within Lightning App Builder, so there’s no need to return to Page Layout editor to add, remove, reorder, or sort your fields. All those options (and filtering!) are now available in Lightning App Builder.

    The real power of dynamic related lists is that your users will see the right information at the right time. Why look at an account’s closed opportunities when what you’re really looking for is the next deal? Save time sifting through disabled contacts when a filtered list only shows active contacts. The point is that giving your users the right information will make them more productive in the work that really matters.

  • Determine which picklist values are duplicates

    Learn Which Picklist Values Are Duplicates
    You now get a descriptive message that tells you which picklist values are duplicates when you add new picklist values. Previously, you saw a message that reported only that there were duplicate values.

    Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in all editions.

    How: From the Values section in the picklist field definition, click New to add new picklist values. When you click Save, any duplicate values are listed in the error message.

  • Create custom address fields (Still in Beta)

    Now with Custom Address Fields (beta), custom fields can mirror the standard address field behavior. End users can add and retrieve address data via these custom Address fields on standard and custom objects. Users can edit the custom address field data in records and view custom address data in list views and reports.

  • Enable Person Accounts

    With the release of the Summer '22 update comes the ability to System Administrators to enable and implement the Person Accounts functionality. In the past, this action would have required interaction with members of the Support organization.
    For more information, please consult the following link

  • Convert Workflow Rules to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool (Generally Available)

    The Migrate to Flow tool now supports more kinds of workflow rules, including most rule criteria formulas. Use the Migrate to Flow tool to convert your workflow rules into flows. Flow Builder can do everything that workflow rules can do—and more.
    For more information, please consult the following link


It's important to mention that in this release Salesforce make possible wonderful expecting new features for Admins. To be honest, some of them we had been waiting for so long such as Dynamic related lists and the new features for the picklist values, so to mention a few of them.

At the same time, it's really nice to see that Salesforce really care deeply about augmenting the potential of Salesforce for their community.


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